Hadashi Senshi Do School of Karate

 Adult Karate

If you're an adult looking for a unique exercise program for mind, body and sould that you can practice and develop progressively throughout your life, then traditional karate is for you.

Although karate can be a very effective method of self defence, most people enjoy the art because the movements improve muscle tone and stamina, increase flexibility, balance, agility and coordination, as well as develop a keen awareness of correct posture and breathing. The improvements in physical fitness and skill development and will lead to an improved self-image and confidence. In this traditional method of practice, individual progress at their own pace in a supportive and non-competitive environment. We treat all our students with respect and emphasise their positive attributes, helping them gain self-esteem and achieve higher grades.

Karate is much more than just kicking and punching. Practitioners strive to combine stillness with motion, expansion with conraction and explosive power with fluidity. These skills combine to produce effective blocking and evasive techniques, powerful punching, striking and kicks, as well as sweeps, throws and locks.

Often regarded as a 'hard' and 'external' art because of the way it is taught to beginners to develop strong basic techniques and stances, those who progress in Shotokan to higher levels develop a much more fluid free-style which often incorporates grappling and jujitsu-like techniques. As such, Shotokan karate is extremely versitile and can suit many different people with varying interests. 

Shotokan karate is a traditional martial art that was developed in Okinawa and introduced to Japan in 1920 by its founder, Master Gichin Funakoshi. The Shotokan that we practice today has undergone a great deal of evolutionary change in line with modern developments in sports science. Consequently, the art has become more refined and graceful, yet dynamic and powerful but retains the traditional teachings of its founder.