Hadashi Senshi Do School of Karate

Andrea Carbon is a Sandan (3rd Dan Black Belt) and is the Principal Instructor of Hadashi Senshi Do Karate Academy. She is also the senior instructor at Lancaster University Karate Club. Andrea began to study karate in 1987 under Sensei Norman Barrett in Lancaster at the Red Rose Karate Club, which was part of the Karate Union of Great Britain.

 She was awarded the rank of Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt) in 1992 by Keinesuke Enoeda Sensei, 8th Dan. In 1993 Andrea attended Lancaster University to read American Studies and Political Science. Her studies in turn led her to America and it was while she was there that she met Sensei Nina Chenault. Sensei Chenault, a Godan (5th Dan) and former Senior International, was one of the first ladies to be allowed to fight in kumite tournaments and as such was a fine mentor for Andrea. It was here that she was introduced to teaching, assuming the role of Children’s Instructor, complimenting her career as Youth Worker and encouraging her interest in the martial arts as a mechanism for youth development and leadership. She is currently working on a specialised adaptive martial-arts fitness syllabus that specifically targets this particular population and other vulnerable groups.studying at the University of Minnesota that she met

Between 1997 and 2003, Andrea lived and worked in the United States and it was during this period that she

Andrea also had the opportunity to train under the instruction of Sensei Robert Fusaro, 7th Dan (ITKF), a senior student of Nishiyama Sensei and who was one of the few westerners to have been training at the JKA Honbu while Funakoshi Gichin was still in residence. In 2006 Andrea had the honour of being one of the first to interview Sensei Fusaro for a major martial arts publication, Shotokan Karate MagazineThe interview was published in Issue 88 and was entitled Karate for Life: An American Shotokan Pioneer and focused on Sensei Fusaro’s holistic approach to budo and training.

In 2004, Sensei Andrea returned to the UK and received her Level 2 coaching accreditation and two years later, the rank of Nidan by Sensei Andy Sherry, 9th Dan. She served as associate instructor to Keith Robson, 5th Dan for a few years and then assumed leadership of Bowerham Karate Club in 2010. Under this leadership, Bowerham Karate Club outgrew it’s location and additional venues were added and in November 2010, Hadashi Martial Arts was formed to manage the various different programmes and groups.

Andrea's karate journey eventually led her to Sensei Scott Langley and Sensei Richard Amos. She was awarded her Sandan by Sensei Richard Amos, 7th Dan in February 2015, an experience that had a massive impact on her own practice of karate and served to inform the direction of her study in in recent years. Richard Amos Sensei along with Scott Langley Sensei, continue to be a strong guiding influence in her karate practice and instruction.