Hadashi Senshi Do School of Karate

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step " - Lao Tsu


Hadashi Senshi Do Karate Academy is based in Lancaster and serves the surrounding districts. We have affiliations to Hombu Dojo Karate International but we invite and welcome all students or karate-do regardless of background. The principal style that we teach is Shotokan Karate. Karate is a system of self-defence and physical culture originally developed in Okinawa and refined in Japan. The word ‘karate’ is formed from the Japanese word ‘Kara’ (empty) and Te (hand), symbolising that its practitioners – Karateka – are unarmed, but use there hands and feet for blocking and striking.

There are various styles of karate but Shotokan is the most widely practiced style in the world. Shotokan Karate was founded by Gichin Funakoshi, an Okinawan school teacher, who first introduced his style in Japan in 1921. People practice karate for many different reasons. When practiced regularly, it can be a very good way to improve fitness and health. Many people find the movements improve muscle tone and stamina, increase flexibility, balance, and coordination as well as develop a keen awareness of correct posture and breathing. Karate practice is also good for mental wellbeing by providing structure and improving focus, self-discipline and overall confidence. Although, many also take up karate to learn how to defend themselves, others find value in the sporting aspects of competition.

The Shotokan style is an extremely adaptable and versatile form of karate. It is suitable for different body-types, ages and abilities. Shotokan can be studied by young and old alike. Using this traditional approach, practitioners are taught in a structured ways and may develop at their own pace in a non-competitive environment. Unlike many sports and some other martial arts, karate is truly an activity that you can practice throughout the lifespan and can be adapted for all abilities.

We believe that karate offers more than system that merely teaches you how to kick or punch. We are focused on providing high-quality martial arts instruction that is healthy, stimulating and fun. We cultivate a love of movement and exercise in our students. We coach students in personal safety, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, developing confidence, self discipline and community involvement; we do it subtly and we do it directly. Most importantly we teach students to take what they learn in our dojo (school) and put it to work in their lives.We also enjoy a rich social life through organised events and informal gatherings. In addition, we enjoy relationships with many other karate clubs in the area, which gives students more choice and flexibility in their training. 



Reach us at 07534333569 or 01524 34879, complete our contact form and/or download and print our New Members Pack directly below.

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